Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dragon Cake

This is an idea that spawned a while back, and has taken me around 3 months to develop and perfect the whole thing.
Then I just needed the perfect excuse to make it, and lo and behold a good friend of a slightly Gothic inclination happened to have a birthday, how convenient!

So please give a warm welcome to the Dragon Cake, my most ambitious, and prized, creation to date!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

"Artic Brownies" aka Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

Take a look at these little beasties! Are they not a thing of beauty?
There's 5 different chocolates lurking in there you know. Yes, you heard right... FIVE different chocolates! *drifts off into chocolate heaven* oh, sorry! Got distracted there.

Where was I? Oh yes.
This recipe came up when tasked by work to create a suitably themed bake for our quarterly newsletter. Given that my line of work is waste water treatment, brownies were considered to be, er, fitting. The "artic" part represents the large number of articulated lorries we receive on a daily basis, so I picked a recipe with a white topping like snow, as a play on words with "arctic". Geddit??

Anyway, enough ado... to the brownies!