Good Enough To Eat?

I've recently started making food jewellery (yes, my food obsession goes that far) out of a strange modelling material from Japan called paper clay.

I'm aiming to upload some pictures onto here as I get better at making them, and am also planning on selling a few of them via my Coriandr shop, so please take a look! And maybe buy something...? (hint, hint!)


29/06/2010 First attempts!

I finally made something worth taking photos of & posting on here - a custard cream-esque charm, and a strawberry & leaf charm. Not really sure what to use the biscuit for, possibly a keyring? I'm aiming to pop the strawberry on some velvet ribbon and wear it as a choker. I do like my chokers.
Have a look and see what you think. I'm working on some more, so photos will follow!

Strawberry & leaf: