Monday, 28 June 2010

Baking replaced with puppies!

I begin this week with an apology.
I have to admit to being useless over the weekend - I completely failed to do any baking whatsoever, and am hanging my head in shame as I type.
In my defence, it has been far too hot to go near the oven (I failed to do any cooking at all, unless adding extra toppings to a supermarket pizza counts?), and I've not been at home much the last couple of days either.
So please forgive me! I aim to make it up this week, having only this morning discovered a new recipe I have to try - I should have it tested, photographed & on here by the later part of this week. It looks like a good one!

I did not completely leave the kitchen behind me, however - my first order from Squires arrived on Saturday, very exciting!
Here's what I bought:

Only a small order, as it was rapidly approaching pay day, but not a bad little haul! 3 different cupcake cases (can't wait to try the ones in the front, they're gorgeous!), some edible glitter (a "whim" purchase), and some silver lustre dust. I have a purpose for this, but it's currently in the development phase so please be patient!

Here's a close-up of those beautiful cupcake cases - they're high-quality Swedish greaseproof paper, and look like they will hold their shape & colour wonderfully. Definitely a special-occasion case!

Pretty, no?
If you have any ideas that you think would look good in these cases, please leave a comment! I'm thinking maybe the red-velvet cakes, though I'm worried that the heavy red colouring may leach into the paper. A dark-coloured cake with a white frosting would look best though I think. I shall plot and scheme!

I shall leave you now with some photos from Sunday afternoon, which was spent in the company of 7 beautiful 4-week old Labrador puppies.
Try not to squeal too loudly please!

Becka  xx

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